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Published on Wednesday, 17 June 2015, 9:41 a.m. Print Article

This week the National Radio put online the interview about the Native Mudfish that we have been working on. Attached is a brief explanation of the article. The radio programme can be listened to online at:

From Our Changing World, By Alison Ballance 

Rare Mudfish, the Farmer and the School

 The secret to having good numbers of one of New Zealand’s most endangered species living on a South Canterbury farm is a natural spring - which provides water even during a drought – plus a farmer who is motivated to fence out stock and work with the local primary school to improve and expand the habitat.

Canterbury mudfish are the rarest of five species of mudfish; students from St Andrews primary school count as Leanne O'Brien empties mudfish from a trap.

The fish in question is the Canterbury mudfish, the farmer is Ross Rathgen, and the school is St Andrews. Also in the mix is Lan Pham from the Working Water’s Trust.