St Andrews School bands successful at Dunedin Band

Published on Monday, 31 August 2015, 9:24 a.m. Print Article

St Andrews School rock bands have proved you don't have to have a lot to make a lot of noise.

Two bands from the school, JCFG and Copper Chains, competed in the Otago regional section of the Bandquest competition on Wednesday night. JCFG placed second overall.

JCFG also won best original song, which was written by member Jemma Kiernan, 12, while she was in a time out in her room. She said it was about always moving forward and not backwards, and the fact there was going to be and end to the dark times.

This was the first time the school had had a rock band to send to the competition.

The band started this year and has had humble beginnings, being housed in the school's cricket pavilion turned bandroom.

Music teacher Jo Hedges said they didn't have much equipment or proper amplifiers so to get a placing was beyond their expectations.

Members from the two bands gave up their spare time, practising for three hours each Saturday.

The successful result came down to the kids' hard work, Hedges said.

The kids themselves agreed it was a fun experience. A favourite part for many of them was dancing in the mosh pit.

Jemma Kiernan said; "It was a great experience to have and we learnt a lot. It was really fun."

Before taking to the stage she said she was more excited than nervous, and calm, despite it being the first time they had performed in front of an audience.

The kids said they enjoyed getting cheered on by the crowd.

George Duncan, 11, enjoyed the sound check and getting everything ready for the big performance. 

"The big speakers, foldback and lights were something we had never experienced before."

He said he didn't expect to come second overall because it was the first year they had entered and they were from a small school.

Opihi College and Bluestone had bands competing in the Canterbury section of the competition.

 - Stuff Natasha Thyne

Members of the St Andrews School rock bands which competed in the Bandquest competition in Dunedin, back row from left, Ben Wratt, Reggie Fleming, Sarah Duncan, Oscar Skilling, Nikita Goodger, and Connor Pritchard. Front row from left, Flynn Porter, George Duncan and Jemma Kiernan.