Young Leaders

Published on Thursday, 13 November 2014, 4:31 p.m. Print Article

On Tuesday the 20th of May the years 8’s went to the National Young Leaders Day in Christchurch. We, Elijah, Kallum, Zac, Reid, Georgina, Rebecca, Millie & I (Cara), all piled into a van at 7:00am. Yawning and stretching continued for about half an hour into the ride before we managed to get excited and talk nonstop. When we finally arrived at twenty past nine,  we walked in and were handed booklets. As we entered the giant room , we were greeted with a wave of loud noise from other students. We were lead to our seats to find they had a pair of 3D glasses and a pen. We sat down as Gem and Dave, the hosts of the show, introduced themselves and the first speaker, Cam. Cam had been born with a Cerebal Palsy that made it hard for him to Walk and talk. He went on to be a Paralympic sprinter and motivational speaker. The second person was Alison, an Olympic cyclist. She had won the world title twice. We had a break and came back to be introduced to Christen. He told us about good life skills and some funny stories. The second last person was Rachel, a fishmonger. She had seen a gap in the market and made a fishing company (Yellow brick road) that delivered fresh fish to top-notch restaurants. The last person was Jason Gunn. He said to do what you want, and to try your hardest because nothing will just fall into your hands.

The day was very inspiring and I am sure everyone had a good time and left with a lot to think about.

By Cara Anderson and Millie Whyte