Mission, Vision & Values

Our School Mission

St Andrews School mission is to provide all our children with the values and life skills necessary to lead full and rewarding lives through high quality learning opportunities, efficient and effective teaching and community support.

Our School Vision

Our ‘Skills for Life’ Triangle reflects the geographical location in which our community is set – it connects the mountains, sea and land reflecting our district and region.  The Koru symbolises growth.

This ‘triangle’ is also reflected in our educational vision which seeks to provide a dynamic learning environment for our students by linking the: home, school and student.

The school environment seeks to foster a ‘triangle’ of learning that develops skills for life-long learning…

We Know = Knowledge
We Care = Attitude
We Can = Skill

We aim to have children leave our school having developed the Knowledge, the Attitude and the Skills necessary to lead them to a successful secondary education and to be valuable members of the community.

Our School Values


Our values at St Andrews School form the basis of who we are and what qualities we would like our children to exhibit as future leaders and contributors to society. We have selected 4 core values, with the 5th value being integrated throughout each one – MANA